Claudia Schreiber – Goldregenrausch

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Goldregenrausch tells about the hardship of life in the province, about agriculture and fornication and about relatives you don’t want to have as a gift. And, fortunately for little Marie, about the deep love of the outcast aunt for this neglected child – a strange couple that wins you over completely.

Marie Lenz, the youngest child of a hard-working farmers family, grows up under the most adverse circumstances. Motherly love surrounds her only briefly: the mother loses herself at best in fantasies of a passionate life, and soon neglects her daughter completely. The outcast Aunt Greta is supposed to look after Marie. Only very slowly the two approach each other, as they share similar fates and a special relationship with plants. But together they become so strong that they no longer shy away from retaliatory strikes, only to find happiness after all.